Engelse vertaling van de Bul van San, als bewijs voor Singapore. Het is het bewijs van haar promotie in 2003 tot dr. San.




Rector and Deans

of the Erasmus University Rotterdam   

Hail to the readers!

It was established by our predecessors that students in the sciences will, after completing their university studies, endeavour to attain a public testimonial of their knowledge.


For this reason, and after the highly esteemed

San ...   ....

born at 15 August 1974


had satisfied the university regulations, we first conducted an examination of her progress in the sciences, and then heard her defend a dissertation with the title ‘Preclinical studies with Apoptin’ with associated propositions.


Since she has proven herself in all this in such a way that she has demonstrated to us her knowledge and her meticulousness, we have awarded her the due certificate of her merits.


We have therefore, in accordance with the solemn custom, promoted this

San ......

to doctor and have accorded to her all the rights and honours to which one who has been legally promoted to doctor is usually entitled by law or by custom.


To further ascertain this matter, we have, in accordance with custom, signed this public certificate, and have had it presented to her, sealed with the Great Seal of the University.  

 Rotterdam on 9 April 2003

 The rector magnificus,                                                                      The promotor,