Terug naar Foto's

Een drama in vogelvlucht


 Wij krijgen soms per email van Mohammed Bazuki mooie, leuke en bijzonder plaatjes en foto's. Waarom we op zijn verzendlijst staan weten we niet.

Vaak moet je er toch even bij stil staan. Zie hieronder de tekst die bij de foto's stond in de mail:

i got this message from kamal, a photographer friend of mine.

kamal must have got it among of his e-mails

maybe i shd share it with u guyz ......


 It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon, a flock of birds spending great time searching for food and playing on the main road. Out of sudden, a big truck speed through, and a black shadows noticeable on the road... sad thing had happened again  
Birds are also rich in feeling too, although this bird already dead.. However, another birdfly over to her  immediately, just like a family member, unable to accept the truth..

Not long after that, another car storm in and causing dead bird's body whirl with the wind... the spouse notice the movement as if she's still alive.. he quickly fly besides her again..

He stayed besides her and yell... WHY YOU'RE NOT GETTING UP?"

unfortunately, she no longer able to hear him... At the mean time, he's trying to lift her up...

He, of cause was unable to bear the burden... keep flocking his wings, one time after another

Another car soon passing by.. he quickly fly off, once the car has gone.. he came down again

Although other's bird has told him its useless.. however, he never give up! He is trying his best to lift her up to see her flying again! Another car passed by, her dead body whirl again... as if still alive and trying to fly... he took this as impetus.. trying in different way to encourage her to fly again!!!

He had used all of his energy... however, no reply in the end..)

Photographer said, he couldn't shoot any longer... photographer is so worried that the living bird is going to get hurt, though he picked up the dead bird and leave it at the roadside. The live one lingering at surrounding tree as if crying with his singing.. refuse to leave..)

(fter I had finished this, my first instinct is to circulate to all of you. To be honest, I felt that human in today's world does not carry the sympathy as birds did...hope that we all will appreciate life and love, treat everyone in your life truthfully!

  -- end --